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Welcome to a new webshop and website!

Some things you have to learn the hard way.


It's deeply ironic that I wrote a long post on that topic, then accidentally deleted the entire post without noticing, restarted my computer, and then couldn't recreate it in any way I know of. Lesson learned the hard way: 1. Don't cut text instead of copying it 2. Always save once too much in the blog tool.

What I would really like to tell you and will now do according to the principle of do if do right, is that I realized the hard way that I want and need to change the platform for my webshop. As you can see I have now since that is where you are reading this blog. Now you're probably wondering how I came up with the incredibly exhausting idea of switching platforms after just over six months with the first one. You can really wonder because it is a really time-consuming and complex job that you really don't want to do.

The answer is that I, in collaboration with my wing woman Anna Berglund, who is an e-commerce expert and knows a lot of things behind the scenes, so to speak, came to the conclusion that the webshop must also be available in Swedish. Ambitious as I am, I thought it might as well drive in English right away because I want to make connections with people all over the world. I have also done that and I am very happy about that, but they do not primarily become customers because the situation in the world makes transport more expensive and more difficult. Then we have Great Britain and Brexit causing it. And to the US, the shipping cost is almost half the cost of the pillow itself. Not many people think it makes sense, not me either.


I also understood that I am losing potential customers because my target group, or clientele as they said in the old days, is largely found in Sweden and the Nordic countries and prefers to shop in their mother tongue to be sure of what is written even in small letters.

For my own personal part, I can feel that sometimes it also becomes like a thin filter between me and those who read when I write and speak in English. I sort of become more formal and a bit more serious than I really am.

If you have any knowledge about web platforms, you know that all different platforms have different characteristics and there is really no one that meets all requirements and needs, it is always a matter of choosing the one that suits your needs best. The platform I chose at first turns out not to be able to handle multiple languages, nor is it possible to get the payment part in Swedish. Since this is where many feel it feels risky to not really understand what is being said, I saw no alternative but to move everything over to a platform that is made for e-commerce and therefore handles all such issues much better.


So after a number of weeks of headaches, copying, pasting, uploading, posting, layouting, writing, sorting, moving and whatever else you can think of, the new shop is now published! I'm still pale so you get blinded even though it's a hundred degrees and sunny outside and I squint when I go out for my daily walk, but it's worth it I think!

I have now learned another platform/tool by being stubborn, curious and spending an inordinate number of hours figuring out how it works and how I want it. It would have been smarter and faster to hire someone to do it for me, but I also think in the middle of it all that it's a lot of fun to learn new things and then know that I can master it myself. So if you know someone who needs help with a webshop, website or the like, it's fine to get in touch!

With this, I put a big CHECK in the box for webshop migration and hope that I get to pack orders so that there will be rumors about it in the coming time.

There is a lot going on in life right now, I have several other projects going on professionally and I will tell you more about that in future posts.

All the best,


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