Our process - this is how we work

Take a look behind the scenes and see how everything develops, from sketch to finished product.


When I decided to pursue a career as a pattern and textile designer with my own brand, I knew from the beginning that the process of making textiles and products had to be thoroughly thought through to meet my requirements for sustainability, the environment and the people involved - not least myself. I am impatient by nature and want to see quick results, but this time I know that in order to achieve what I dream of, it must take time.

Every small step along the way - from when I start sketching a pattern to which printer I will work with - must be taken with care and thought, tested, evaluated and re-evaluated. In this way, I have created relationships with those I work with and it is those relationships that form the basis of the business.

Sketch and paint

Each pattern is created by hand using several different techniques and media. Some are drawn by hand with paper and pencil, others are painted with watercolors and still others are drawn digitally on my ipad pro (which is my constant companion!). After that, I work further in a digital app where I also complete the patterns into print-ready files. My ambition is to create a mix of different expressions that can then be combined in a personal way. A bold, minimalist, colorful pattern can team up with a more strict bardot check!

During this part of the process, everything is allowed and creativity flows freely. This is where the unexpected can happen!


We currently print all our fabrics at Tobex, a well-established family business in Borås. They have extensive experience in digital printing and are experts in color management. In this way, we can always achieve exactly the shades we want, even the most vibrant ones. The linen fabric comes from the best manufacturers in Europe, which guarantees high quality.


I come from a family of creative people for several generations - seamstresses, tailors and artists. The satisfaction it gives to create with the hands, to hold the finished textile and to see the result grow is an essential part of bringing the creative dream to life.

So far, we sew all products in the studio in Södertälje. It makes it possible to have control over every step and we can also try new solutions and combinations and see the results immediately.