Det svenska myset - finns det?

The Swedish coziness - does it exist?

A little while ago I read an article in one of the interior design magazines that spread around my home. It was about this thing about us Swedes - Nordics? - that we love coziness and spend a lot of time passionately making our homes homely and very very cosy! I read with pleasure and recognition and although it may not have been something that immediately struck like a bolt of lightning in my consciousness, I began to think about this cosy-fixation and why it is so. Because it IS probably something that is quite unique for us Swedes. If I go to myself, for as long as I can remember, I have searched for that feeling that the right coziness gives. A feeling of security, peace, quiet and "now everything is as it should be", if you understand... You can never have too many candles in stock or too much tea in the cupboards. At least as important are lots of pillows on the sofa, blankets and - if the candles aren't quite enough - some subdued lighting from a WARM light source.

I can actually spend an unhealthy amount of time rattling around the house and placing candlesticks, lanterns and throws. It has also happened more than once that it got completely out of control with the amount of lit candles and that I got a mild lack of oxygen in the apartment. It's also not good for the environment to carry on like that, so I've been trying to cosy-detox myself in recent years. I now want to underline here that it is NOT possible to replace candles with battery-powered ones with jerky flickering plastic flames. Then you simply have to do without. I'm made for this electricity crisis, I think. It's a shame that at some point in the middle of the last century, they tore out all the tile stoves in the house. If they hadn't, I would have had at least two by now.

Of course, it is the case that our climate and seasonal rhythm with compact darkness and cold (at least it was cold before the climate crisis became a fact) for a large part of the year, is the most obvious explanation for this search for coziness, light and warmth. For me, however, it is not associated with being with other people, which it certainly is for some. I love being alone, always have, and I treat myself to little cozy experiences as often as possible. I find such immense pleasure in creating that feeling of stillness and peace and sort of retreating, so to speak. Do you recognize yourself or how do you create your coziness?

I don't like it when there are too many things in my home. It mustn't become scheming and disturbing, it takes energy from me. It sometimes results in me never getting around to putting up paintings or other things that do not fulfill a direct function. Many years ago we moved to an apartment where we had the opportunity to completely renovate the kitchen before we moved in. I of course chose white shutters and black worktops and also a stainless steel plate that ran along all the workbenches. That type of interior design requires a bit of work to cozy things up and make it personal. I had such a hard time putting things up on the freshly painted white walls or cluttering shelves and benches with baskets and textiles to soften. It took a good friend visiting and expressing some surprise that I had chosen to decorate my kitchen like an autopsy room, for me to take the plunge and decorate the kitchen...

Despite this, I am fascinated by all these homes where you can see from the outside that the walls are just bare and also illuminated by a bluish fluorescent light. Nothing more. I've always wondered if the people who live there think THAT is cozy or if they don't have the Nordic desire for the cozy at all.

The cushion covers Gloria and Brigitte enhance the coziness next to the fire.

This thing about not liking plots goes through in my creation and above all in my patterns, I think. I've made hundreds of patterns and some of them contain lots of motifs and colors, mostly because they're so much fun to make! But those patterns never make it to the finals. It always ends up that what I decide to live on in textiles is simple and stylistic. 2-4 colors, rarely more than that. A Scandinavian style with a twist, I tend to think. And there, perhaps, the circle closes. My patterns and fabrics have a Scandinavian style and they are made in Sweden. And I myself am a sucker for "the Swedish coziness". My pillows and fabrics are very suitable for creating a cosy, homely and personal feeling without it being too cute or intrusive.

In a few days I expect a shipment with many new patterns and colorways. There is nothing more fun than getting the fabrics home and seeing if they live up to expectations! There will be some news in the shop just in time to start thinking about Christmas presents. I hope and believe that the new fabrics will be super nice and that you, my customers, think so too. Buying sustainable and handmade is an important stance, for the environment and for us small business owners. It is also very nice to have a completely unique product in your home. Here are some small appetizers!

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Now I'm going to make myself a cup of tea and light a few too many candles, warm the wheat pillow and snuggle up with Musse the cat. By the way, he has his own Instagram account: @mussethecat22

Cozy up!

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PS. Lately, I've started baking just because I think it's so cozy. And because it's good. And cheaper. And more useful. DS.





Custom flour bread. That you! 😄

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