About us


The birth of Madeleine Wideland Designs is part of a winding journey from a life that didn't feel fulfilling and was partly characterized by a fear of flying, to a completely different life led by love, freedom and abundance. This journey is very much ongoing and the past year has been overwhelming. If you want to know more about how I made this change, you can read about it in my blog. 

I have always had a strong interest in art, fashion and other creative expressions - music is an essential and vital part of my life - but it was only a few years ago that my passion for pattern design was awakened. Since then I have spent countless hours learning all about pattern design, the technical skills you need and also developing my own artistic style - or voice - whichever you prefer. I am deeply in love with flowers and floral patterns. I often create powerful, colorful designs and I want your heart to jump with joy when you see my designs, just like I feel when I create them!

If I can somehow inspire others to make a conscious choice to live a more creative and fulfilling life, nothing could make me happier!

Our values

We are convinced that all people need a little beauty in their everyday lives, to have a balance in life and to be able to feel hope and joy. We also believe that most people nowadays want to contribute to saving the earth we live on. We connect the dots by offering beautiful interior design and at the same time leaving very little impact on nature.

When you choose textiles or another product from us, you contribute to these values at the same time and you can proudly display a unique and genuine interior design product.

Working with sustainability is an ongoing process and we try to be as transparent as possible. An essential part of this sustainability work is about living every day as a small business owner with care for body, soul and mind.

We give back

Giving back to nature is important to us. The textile industry is known to be one of the dirtiest around. Thankfully, awareness is growing and many producers are taking a big responsibility to consistently work with and find new sustainable methods to minimize the impact on our earth.

Our textiles are digitally printed and sewn in Sweden by people who are masters of their craft and work under the best conditions.