Terms of purchase

Our purchase conditions apply to all visitors to the website and customers of Madeleine Wideland Designs. By accepting these conditions, you enter into an agreement with Madeleine Widelands Designs, Täppgatan 33, 15134 Södertälje, Sweden. It is the buyer's responsibility to read and accept the terms and conditions before making a purchase. By placing an order, you enter into an agreement with us and accept our terms of purchase. Madeleine Wideland Designs reserves the right to change the conditions if necessary. Changes we make after you place an order will not affect your order unless required by law.

Applicable laws

Our purchase terms and any disagreements in connection with these, or when using the website or when purchasing from the website are governed by Swedish law. In the event that Madeleine Wideland Designs should change or add something to the terms and conditions, you are asked to accept only the terms and conditions that apply at the time you place your order.


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When you place your order and get to the payment section, you can go through your order, including price with VAT and shipping cost. There you can also make changes if desired. By confirming your order, you are bound to your order and the conditions that apply are thus fulfilled. Please note that the order cannot be completed if Madeleine Wideland Designs cannot confirm the payment and shipping details you have provided. When you have placed your order, you immediately receive a confirmation on the screen and by e-mail. This confirmation is a receipt for your order. A digital shipping notification is sent via email when your product leaves our warehouse. This is a confirmation of your delivery.

We reserve the right to change or cancel an order in the event that the stock balance was incorrect at the time you placed your order.