Hantverkskärlek - en ny trend?

The love for craft - a new trend?

Actually, this blog post should have been about the launch of the new textile collection. It will also do that, even though it's been a couple of weeks since the actual launch took place. As you know, it never goes as planned and I simply didn't have time to write in the middle of everything else that had to be done in order to launch on time. So here comes a small review of the last few weeks.

The new collection

After working on new patterns and colors since last summer and going through the whole process of proofing, adjustments, reprinting, sewing, photography and a thousand other things, it was finally time to push the button on the last day of November. This time I have worked with a different material, a mix of cotton and linen, in order to produce kitchen towels and other table setting products that should withstand a little more everyday use than the cushion covers. These fabrics are also printed in Sweden by a company that has just started its own production in Skåne, Elobina. The really nice thing about Elobina in particular is that you can print smaller volumes to order, which means that I can offer textiles and products in more designs, more materials and without having to have a large stock. In these times of uncertainty around electricity prices and not least with regard to the environment, it feels really good to be able to work like this. No overproduction, but in principle we produce according to order from the customer. This may mean somewhat longer delivery times, but it is about 7-14 days, which most people can certainly put up with if they know that it contributes to a good cause.

The collection goes by the working name Det svenska myset, as a natural consequence of the fact that I wrote a text about just that some time ago. There really IS something unique about our way of living here in the north. I got the idea for the collection already last summer when I started to feel an urge to create patterns in a slightly earthier and softer color scale than before. One thing led to another and suddenly Karin , Tess and Liz were out in the world! All three are named after some of the most important people in my life.

The women who inspired

Karin is my star sister whom I have known for 23 years. With each having a biological older brother, we felt a direct sisterhood as we got to know each other during endless walks with our newborn daughters. The talks are still ongoing and now we have also just started a collaboration that aims to spread the healing sisterhood to as many women as possible and encourage them to dare to challenge old norms and take their place on earth. See more of Karin here.

Tess is...perhaps the world's most beautiful person, inside and out. She came into my life through an old school friend who was lucky enough to marry her a few years ago. I sang at their wedding and since then we have been inseparable. See more of Tess here.

Liz is my mother. She was called that when she was younger. My mother is the one who taught me everything I know about textiles, sewing and almost everything else in life. Without her, Madeleine Wideland Designs would not have existed. She is the one who does most of the sewing, still, so I can do everything else. She owns, quite simply. See more of Liz here.

Then we have the new old pattern Lilly , which was included in a corner in a new color scheme. It will probably come in even more colors in the spring.

all new designs

When I opened the webshop last year, it happened just before Christmas, very late so that we could get orders in time for Christmas. As a result, we released the new one just after the black week hysteria, which is not my thing at all, so that we can offer genuine craftsmanship for Christmas. I think a lot of people with me feel that it's not okay to buy a bunch of stuff just because it's cheap anymore. Many are really starting to open their eyes to the environmental impact and unethical working conditions. I am increasingly convinced that craftsmanship is on the way back.

Craft love

Crafts. Creating with hands. Allowing the process to take time to find the best raw materials and materials. To be able to take the time to try out what is most sustainable, both for nature and for the product we manufacture. The feeling when you hold something that has taken time, where the creator has put his soul and love into the know-how, that feeling is magical!

With each passing day I become more and more aware of my origins. I see my mother's incredible skill when she sits in my studio and sews. I have my grandmother's detailed embroideries to marvel at. In my memory, I hear the pounding of the loom upstairs in her house. Tablecloths, carpets, upholstery. Knitted sweaters, hats, mittens and doll clothes. Crocheted bedspreads, rugs and felted slippers. To give a telling picture of my experience: the first time I saw an apron in a store, I was completely taken aback. I really thought that such things could not be bought in shops, they were things that you sewed yourself. Kinda like I didn't know what fish sticks were until I started school...

I'm not trying to get on any high horses here - gods know I've done my fair share to support both Ikea and H&M, and still do sometimes - but I want to learn all I can from my foremothers, nurture and cherish it I got with me and create based on it.

I am also becoming more and more satisfied with using what I have, investing in quality and consciously supporting local manufacturing.

If you want to do the same, we have a fantastic Christmas offer with two kitchen towels and a potholder for SEK 450 right now. In the web shop you can see all the new patterns and Christmas packages. And you can be absolutely sure of one thing - this is craft love.

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